Acivir-200 DT (Acyclovir) - 200mg (10 Tablets)

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  • Brand: Acivir
  • Generic / Active Ingredient: Aciclovir |
  • Manufacturer: Cipla
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Brand Name : Acivir

Generic Name: Aciclovir |

Manufacturer : Cipla

About Acivir: It works by inhibiting the DNA polymerase of the virus, thereby inhibiting the growth and replication of the virus. This allows the body’s immune system to come in and control the infection, since viruses normally replicate uncontrollably and are hard to tame. Although Acivir is classified as a nucleoside analogue, it is not totally curative and only serves to cap the replication of the viral DNA. It can be used to treat sores caused by shingles, chicken pox, genital herpes and other conditions.

How to use Acivir

The drug comes in the form of tablet dosage forms, which should be taken orally. Your physician should provide you with the necessary instructions on how to use the drug. You can also have a look at the instructions on the leaflet that the drug comes with. If you do not understand anything, feel free to consult your doctor for clarifications on the gray areas. The medicine can be taken with or without food, or depending on the physician’s instructions. If you are prone to forgetting to take your medicine, it is advisable that you take your drugs at specific times of the day. And if you happen to skip two or more doses for any reason, you should inform your doctor before resuming the dosage.

Acivir Dosage

Acivir comes in different tablet strengths, including the 200mg, 400mg and 800mg varieties. The dosage, however, is calculated depending on the disease being treated and the patient’s individual condition at the time of presenting to the doctor or in the medical history. Adults are treating herpes zoster, for example, may typically be instructed by the physician to administer 800mg by mouth 5 times per day (at 4-hour intervals) over a period of 7 to 10 days. Treatment of herpes simplex, however, is different and is dependent on whether the infection is occurring for the first time or is a recurrent case. It is imperative that strict adherence to the prescribed dosage is always observed for desirable therapeutic results.

Acivir Side Effects

The use of this drug may sometimes lead to the manifestation of side effects. You must inform your physician promptly when this occurs. The following are examples of the most commonly reported possible side effects: • Vertigo • Headache • Loose stool • Drowsiness • Vomiting and poor appetite It is important to note that other than these common symptoms, severe reactions may also occur. If you suffer from bruises, abnormal bleeding, urination complications or any other serious disorder, it is advisable that you seek immediate medical care from your physician.

Acivir Precautions

As noted earlier, this drug only serves to control the severity of the symptoms caused by the virus and does not cure the disease. You should, therefore, ensure that you take measures that will ensure that you do not spread the virus to others since you are still a carrier. It is also advisable, in the opinion of most doctors, that you should commence treatment as soon as you notice any signs and symptoms of the disease. This not only improves the chances of getting better therapeutic results but also greatly minimizes the risk of spreading the virus to others.

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