cholesterol is essential for all animal life, each cell is capable of synthesizing it by way of a complex 37-step process, beginning with the mevalonate pathway and ending with a 19-step conversion of lanosterol to cholesterol. Furthermore, it can be absorbed directly from animal-based foods.Elevated levels of cholesterol can cause severe health problems if left untreated. High cholesterol is associated with heart disease, the occurrence of heart attacks, or strokes. Cholesterol medications operate by decreasing levels of low-density lipoproteins, commonly referred to as “bad” cholesterol

Atorlip (Atorvastatin Calcium) - 10mg (30 Tablets)

The brand name of this drug is Atorlip – 10 and is also known as the Generic of Lipitor. The generic name is Atorvastatin calcium, and this c ...

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Atorlip (Atorvastatin Calcium) - 5mg (30 Tablets)

Atorlip (Atorvastatin Calcium) is classified as a statin and works by selectively inhibiting the enzyme (HMG-CoA reductase) that plays a central ro ...

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Ezentia (Ezetimibe) - 10mg (30 Tablets)

Ezentia 10mg is a medicine used to decrease the blood cholesterol levels. It acts by reducing the cholesterol absorption from the small intestines int ...

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Lipicard (Fenofibrate) - 160mg (10 Tablets)

Microgest (Micronised Progesterone) - 100mg (50 Capsules) defines natural progesterone which is used as part of a hormone therapy (HRT). The proges ...

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Lipicard (Fenofibrate) - 200mg (10 Capsules)

Lipicard (Fenofibrate) - 200mg (10 Capsules) is a treatment prescribed for people with very high level of triglycerides. This medication also impro ...

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Lipvas (Atorvastatin Calcium) - 10mg (10 Tablets)

Lipvas (Atorvastatin Calcium) - 10mg (10 Tablets) is a medicinal drug that is prescribed to patients suffering from high levels of cholesterols in ...

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Lipvas (Atorvastatin Calcium) - 20mg (10 Tablets)

Lipvas (Atorvastatin Calcium) is a medicinal drug prescribed to counter effects of cholesterol in the body. Its main function is boosting the amount ...

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Rosuvas (Rosuvastatin Calcium) - 20mg (10 Tablets)

Rosuvas (Rosuvastatin Calcium) belongs to a group of drugs known as Hypolipidaemic. The medicine works by lowering the cholesterol which tends to clog ...

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Simlup (Simvastatin) - 20mg (10 Tablets)

Simlup (Simvastatin) is a medicinal drug used to control cholesterol in the body. For instance, this drug reduces the level of bad cholesterol as well ...

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Udiliv (Ursodesoxycholic Acid) - 150mg (10 Tablets)

This medicine is a type of bile acid similar to those that are produced by the liver naturally to help the body digest fat. In most cases, gallstones ...

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