Soranib (Sorafenib) - 200mg (120 Tablets)

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  • Brand: Soranib
  • Generic / Active Ingredient: Sorafenib |
  • Manufacturer: Cipla
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Brand Name : Soranib

Generic Name: Sorafenib |

Manufacturer : Cipla

About Soranib: Sorinab (Sorafenib) is a medical drug that is prescribed to patient mostly to help treat two conditions; cancer found in the kidney normally referred to as renal cell carcinoma, and hepatocellular carcinoma which defines liver cancer. What this medicine actually does is that it prevents further growth of the cancer cells. This is through inhibition of the enzymes responsible for instructing the cancer cells to increase in size and number. It also stops the growth of blood vessels within cancerous tumors, and a combination of these two actions is enough to put cancer cells under control. Without growth and multiplication, the body now becomes able to fight and eliminate these cancer cells.

How to use Soranib

Sorinab (Sorafenib) is available as tablets that should be swallowed orally only. Your physician will prescribe a dosage for you and take you through on how to use this medicine. It is advised to take these tablets an hour or two after a meal when your stomach is empty. Make sure that you always take your tablets with a full glass of water. Take the tablets whole without crushing, splitting, dissolving or chewing them as this interferes with their effectiveness and impacts of the treatment program.

Soranib Dosage

Your doctor will determine the correct dosage for you. This will be based on the severity of your condition, your medical history, present health condition and whether you are using other medications which include prescriptions, over-the-counter, supplements and herbal medicine. After you commence with the treatment, your dosage may be altered based on how your body responds to it. Each prescription is unique, and it is not allowed for two patients to share the same dosage even if they suffer from similar condition or symptoms.

Soranib Side Effects

It is possible for patients are prescribed Sorinab (Sorafenib) to report the occurrence of side effects. Some of the most commonly reported side effects include weight loss, poor appetite, tiredness of the body, loss of hair and acne. These should not cause alarm as they mostly fade with continued use of the medicine. If they persist or worsen, contact your doctor immediately. Other possible but rare, severe side effects include seizures, blood in the stools, blood in your coughs or vomit, swelling of limbs or other body parts, passing of darkened urine, development of blisters in the feet and hands, pain in the muscles, fever and stomach pain. Report to the ER or call your doctor immediately you notice any sign of these severe side effects.

Soranib Precautions

If you have recently been vaccinated, inform your doctor before starting your treatment with Sorafenib (Sorafenib). During treatment, avoid any physical contact with persons that have recently been vaccinated especially against flu or polio. This medicine may not be suitable for use by particular persons including; pregnant women, those trying to conceive, breastfeeding mothers, if you have medical problems related to the heart, kidneys or liver, if you are allergic to any of its ingredient or other medicine or if you are using supplements or vitamins or other types of drug. Do not overdose this medicine as such an action does not hasten the treatment but poses significant health risks.

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